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visits since 23rd of October


Lara is in a commercial for a website , if u go to the website you will be able to see some of Lara's new photos. The page is about a game which is played online, and Lara is one of the main players, her name is Sandy, to see more info, go to the website!!!


Cal is in France at the moment and then he is going around Europe


As I have said before, Cal and Lara are still together, so there is no need for you to worry about them or even get your hopes up!!!


Cal's got a new look, he'a had a haircut, now he is bold!!!


Last night Callan has made an appearance on channel [V]. He and Jabba had been talking about what Cal has been up to and it turns out, Cal never actually got the roll in the 'Beast Master'. He did audition but some guy got it instead. At the moment Callan is washing dishes somewhere. As for the movies, nothing has been said.

They also said that FOX8 has bought some of the epizodes of HbH and they will be screened sometime in November.

Also, while they were chating they decided to visit some of the Callan Mulvey websites. They visited only one, and this is it. Cal had to read out what I wrote in the 'Callan Humiliation' section, and at the end he pretended he was hurt and started crying, and then he said
"I thought we were friends"