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Heartbreak High finds a new home at Foxtel - and Lara and Callan couldn't be happier!

When Heartbreak High finished production at the end of last year, two graduates thought a chapter of their lives had closed. Lara Cox (Anita) and Callan Mulvey (Drazic) expected the final series to quietly screen on the ABC, and that would be the end of that. They had no idea that, 12 months later, they would be sitting in the executive boardroom at Foxtel, helping to give the show a new lease of life!

From this Monday, November 1, Fox8 will screen the last three seasons of the show. Rather than go back to day one, things will kick off with Lara and Callan's first episode.
"It's really good, because they are going to run the show without any breaks," Lara says. "At the ABC, it kept going on and off, and viewers found it hard to keep up. This way, they can watch the show right through to the end."

"It's great that the show is getting some attention," Callan adds. "The ABC didn't have the means to promote it."
While Australian viewers may have had trouble keeping up with the action, it's a different story overseas. In many parts of Europe, the gang from Hartley High are far more popular than their Summer Bay and Ramsay Street counterparts.

"At one stage, it was the most popular show for kids under 17 in France," Callan explains. "It really blew us away." And the reason for that popularity? Callan is quick to provide and explanation. "Heartbreak High goes deeper into stories than other shows," he says. "I think kids liked my character Draz because he challenged authority."

It's no secret that the romance between Drazic and Anita spilled into real life for Callan and Lara. After years of answering media queries, the couple are now trying to keep that side of their lives private.
However, both appreciate that their fans are keen to know what's going on. While they no longer live together, they say they are still very much in love - and, like many other couples, are trying to balance this with their careers. "We're doing fine," Callan says, smiling. "We're both happy."