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This is currently the biggest facts page on Callan Mulvey!!!

Name: Callan Francis Mulvey
D.O.B: 23 February 1975
Height: 188cm
Eye colour: Green
Hair clolour: Black
Birth Place: Auckland, New Zealand
Star Sign: Pisces
Girlfriend: Lara Cox (aka-Anita on Heartbreak High)
Occupation: Actor
Plays: Bogdan Drazic on Heartbreak High
Fave Movie: The Shawshank Redemption with Tim Robins
Fave TV show: The Simpsons
Fave Actor: John Travolta
Fave Music: "Sometimes I chill out to classical music but my favourite stuff is hip-hop and I've got turntables and about 300 records at home. I love KRS-One, A Tribe Called Quest and compilations like Dope on Plastic 4. I hate the Top 40."
Hobbies: "Mixing and scratching hip-hop records and maintaining my lavish and extensive rare rice-grain collection."
Lives: Sydney's Northern Beaches
Family: Parents Tam and Chris, brother James and sister Aroha
Hangs Out: At the beach and with Lara
Fave Sports: Surfing and skateboarding
Fave food: Chicken and salad foccacia
Likes: skating, coke slurpee's and mixing hip hop records
Interesting facts: Has a Celtic symbol tattoo on his ankle
On his Dream Woman: has to be "driven by her soul and heart and know who she is and what she wants"


r Cal has recently scored a role in an Aussie documentary "Rule of Thumb"

RHe has been on Heartbreak High for 3 years, he played Bogdan Drazic

r Use to be a part of a skating team which was very succesfull, also toured America with them

R Cal's first paid job was working at McDonalds

r Cal has won Dolly Magazine's 'Prince of TV' in 1997 and 1998

R He was also in the running in 1999

r Appeared on another Aussie soap "All Saints"

R Lives with girlfriend Lara Cox

r Said "One woman dressed her little boy exactly like me and cut his hair the same way - she even got his eyebrow pierced"

R Loves hip-hop music


1975: Born Callan Francis Mulvey on February 23, 1975, Cal grows up in a suburb called New-Lynn in Auckland, New Zealand.
1983: Hops aboard a ship called Canberra with his family and move to Sydney, Australia, calling surfie suburb Manly his new home.
1984-1992: Cal becomes "the outcast" of Manly West Primary School and then of Balgowlah Boys High. But after repeating Year 11 (to do better), he changes schools.
1993: Finishes Year 12 at Beacon Hill High and decides to pursue a career in rollerblading.
1993-1995: Callan joins up with a local skate team and tours with them overseas - he gets a tattoo and trademark eyebrow ring, too! When he gets back home to Australia, he apears in several TV commercials for Red Rooster (as a rollerblading nun) and also McDonald's, and gets a taste for acting.
1996: Cal decides that acting is definitely his thing and ends up scoring his first major role as Drazic in Heartbreak High.
1997: Callan Mulvey is crowned the 1997 Dolly Prince Of TV.
He also starts dating his co-star, Lara Cox.
1998: And he does it again, Callan Mulvey is crowned the 1998 Dolly Prince Of TV.
Cal, Lara and Rel Hunt go to Monaco for a promotional tour where they are stars at a festival, other stars there include Sherry Saum and Timothy Adams (Sunset Beach)
1999: Heartbreak High finishes and Cal leaves the show.
1999-2000: Cal is still with Lara.
He is currently auditioning for movie roles as well as TV shows.