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The following interview was taken from Issue 2 (November 1998) of the magazine bighit. I would also like to thank Del's Heartbreak High Page

The point is for Lara and Cal to Answer as many questions right about eachother!!!



Lara was asked the following questions, which Cal also answered.

1. WHAT IS CALLAN'S WORST HABIT? Oh my god! OK, he farts all the time!

CAL' S ANSWER: My worst habit? Um...I' ve got bad gas! (Laughs)

Score: 1

2. WHAT' S THE MOST ROMANTIC THING HE'S EVER DONE FOR YOU?One day he came home with this huge blue teddy that was half the size of me and big flowers and an 'I Love You' heart. He said 'This is just to say I love you!'

CAL' S ANSWER: I once bought her a massive teddy bear and a bunch of roses.

Score: 1

3. WHAT SONG DOES HE LISTEN TO WHEN HE'S DRIVING? He loves hip-hop. Any mix that he's made or one that a friend's made for him, he just plays that, but not a particular song.

CAL'S ANSWER: It sort of changes, whatever I'm into at the time, but mainly hip-hop.

Score: 1/2

4. WHO'S MORE LIKELY TO STUFF UP THEIR LINES, YOU OR CAL? Oh, Cal will say me, but I'll say him! We're sort of equal. I have my good days and bad days and vice versa.

CAL'S ANSWER: It's pretty even. We both have our bad days.

Score: 1/2

5. WHAT BRAND IS CAL'S SKATEBOARD? He has an old one, but the one he got me is a Flip.

CAL'S ANSWER: I've just got a blank one, but I use Lara's sometimes. It's a Flip

Score: 1

6. IF CALLAN GOT ARRESTED, WHO WOULD HE CALL FROM JAIL? Oh, I hope it would be me, but it could be his mum!

CAL'S ANSWER: My stepfather, because he's a detective.

Score: 0

7. HOW MANY EYEBROW RINGS DOES CALLAN HAVE? He's got about three or four that he swaps around, and the ABC eyebrow ring. He has a few.

CAL'S ANSWER: I' ve got two or three, but I don't really know where they are.

Score: 1/2

8. WHAT'S YOUR IDEA OF A PERFECT NIGHT OUT WITH CALLAN? Watch videos at home, munchies, just quiet. It's fun going out and dancing as well, but it's nice to have some quiet time, too.

CAL'S ANSWER: Go out and take the dog for a walk on the beach, probably have a nice meal and a few drinks, hang out and chat, come home, cuddle and go to sleep.

Score: 1/2

9. WHAT CHOCOLATE BAR COULDN'T CAL LIVE WITHOUT? He likes Chomps and those white Milky Bar chocolates.

CAL'S ANSWER: Probably Twirls!

Score: 0

10. WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME HE WORE A TIE? Either at the Logies or for a photo shoot.

CAL'S ANSWER: I think it was for a shoot that I did last year.

Score: 1

11. WHAT'S THE ONE THING THAT CALLAN KNOWS YOU HATE HIM DOING, BUT HE DOES IT ANYWAY? Oh my god, the list is huge! He does so many things...he just annoys me, that's the whole thing! He does this: "Er, er, er, er!" (she pokes and makes faces) Poking and stupid little things that he knows frustrate me.

CAL'S ANSWER: I just keep poking her, like in the ribs, her stomach. Just poking and teasing her!

Score: 1


7/11 GO LARA!!!

Now Callan gets asked questions about Lara

1. HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE LARA TO GET READY IN THE MORNING? She might have a tea, but usually she just gets straight up, put clothes on and runs out the door.

LARA'S ANSWER: I take less time then him! If I have to beat work at six, I'll get up at 5.30am, shower, wash my face, get dressed and go. So it takes me ten to fifteen minutes, if I'm working.

Score: 1/2


LARA'S ANSWER: I had heaps of Kylie Minogue. I also liked Alison Brahe (ex-model) for a while, but it was mainly Kylie.

Score: 1

3. HOW WOULD LARA DRESS YOU FOR A ROMANTIC NIGHT OUT? She would just go, "Oh that looks good, wear that! Whatever you want to wear!"

LARA'S ANSWER: I wouldn't want to dress him up, I'd just say, "We're going out, get dressed!" If he looked like a bum and we were going somewhere really snazzy I'd just say, "Go back, get something nice on" , and he'd dress himself. I like his dressing!

Score: 1

4. WHAT WAS LARA'S NICKNAME AT SCHOOL? Oh, she had a couple. It was just sort of variations of her name: there was "Lar" , "Lazo" . I think it was pretty much just "Lar"though.

LARA'S ANSWER: Just "LJ\" - because of my middle name, Jane, There was also"Lar".

Score: 1/2

5. WHAT'S HER FAVOURITE MOVIE?(Takes a deep breath) Grease

LARA'S ANSWER: I like Grease and Good Will Hunting .

Score: 1

6. WHAT WOULD LARA RATE AS HER FAVOURITE CONCERT? I think she probably would have been most stoked at Kylie Minogue when she was younger.

LARA'S ANSWER: Run DMC! I had so much fun at their concert, but when I was little, it was Kylie Minogue.

Score: 1/2

7. WHERE WOULD YOU LOVE TO GO ON A HOLIDAY WITH LARA? We both want to go to Italy. We did some publicity over there last Christmas, but we didn't get to see much.

LARA'S ANSWER: I would like to go somewhere tropical, like Hawaii. Just somewhere away from everywhere, to swim and to be in the sun and relax. Or go on a snowboarding trip with him.

Score: 0


LARA'S ANSWER: If I get on the phone I'll talk for hours, but he makes more calls than I do. It's pretty equal and the phone bills are split in half. I have a lot of long-distance calls and he has plenty of mobiles. Oh look, it's probably me!

Score: 1

9. WHAT PERFUME DOES SHE WEAR? think it's Poison. I don't know - it just smells good - I don't pay attention to the name!

LARA'S ANSWER: Chanel No. 5 and a Clarins fragrance spray.

Score: 0

10. WHAT DOES LARA ORDER AT McDONALDS? She has a medium McChicken meal.

LARA[S ANSWER: A medium McChicken meal, or a junior burger, fries and Coke.

Score: 1

11. WHAT'S THE BEST MEAL THAT LARA COOKS? She does a Thai chicken and rice dish which is really yum.

LARA'S ANSWER: I make pasta dishes, like chicken with pasta.

Score: 1/2




It's a tie! Congrats to the cool couple. Maybe they were meant to be, or perhaps it's just a coincidence? Who knows. One thing's for sure - they know each other pretty darn well.


Well? What did you think?

I thought they did pretty well!!!




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