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The following interview was taken from the March 1999 issue of bighit, in which readers had the chance to have their questions answered by Callan. So many questions had been asked, but the gang at the bighit had to choose the best ones.


Do people ever get you and Dylan Lewis mixed up because you both have a pierced eyebrow?

No, it hasn't happened to me yet! (Laughs)

I asked you this question when you were in Melbourne a while ago, but i didn't hear the answer 'cos there was a bunch of girls screaming behind me. So tell me Cal, what is Drazic's first real name?

His name is Bogdan. So, go figure with the script department for that one!

Have you ever wanted a belly button ring and a nose ring to match the one in your eyebrow?

Nah, I'm pretty happy with what I've got, otherwise it'd be getting a bit over-the-top!

What is the most dangerous thing you've done?

I haven't really done anything dangerous latley, but probably trying to do really big gaps (on my skateboard). So, say if there's a road and there's one below it and there's a 20-foot gap that's down a hill ... stuff like that is dangerous. Or jumping of cliffs when you've only got a small area of water to land in and if you don't land there, you'll end up a quadraplegic.

If you could shape shift into anything, what would you be?

I think it would be good to change into an ant, get into a bank vault and then change into yourself ... but how would you get the money out? Um, I'd probably change into an eagle, or a dolphin. Eagles, nobody can mess with them - they do their own thing. The only way they can really get taken out is if they're on the ground to long or if someone decides to shoot one down. Plus they're highly intelligent. A dolphin as well, because they're the smartest under water.

Do you want to star in a movie?

No, I don't think I would, even if I did get the chance. I'd rather do supporting roles to test the water. I think it's a big thing, after only having done three years of TV, for somebody to put a whole lot of money into me to pull of a lead role. It would be a pretty big investment and I'd probably be fretting a little bit - "Can I do a good job?" "Is this person going to make their money back?" So, if I do smaller roles to test the water and get more confident, yeah that's what I'd love to do, roles in films.

What were you like in high school?

I was either really quiet and withdrawn or I was the loudest idiot in the class! (Laughs) I don't really see anyone from high school anymore. Everyone sort of went their different ways, but when I do see people from school, I'm sort of like, "Oh, yeah!" and happy to see them.

Whereabouts in New Zealand are you from?

A place called New Lynn in Auckland

What colour is your toothbrush?

Um ... white. I think it's a cheapie brand that you get in those packages when you go on planes. I never get around to buying one and I just thought, "Oh, that does the job".

Who is your favourite female actor?

I think Michelle Pfeiffer is awesome - I love what she does - and I think Lara (Cox) is amazing as well. Michelle Pfeiffer really ropes me in. I enjoy watching her characters, she does them so convincingly.

If you were to star in Bananas In Pyjamas, would you be B1 or B2, and why?

Don't know much about the Bananas! I don't think it would matter to be which one I was because there's no difference between them ... is there?! I'd be either one, it wouldn't bother me.

I moved from Melbourne to London last November and I was wondering when you're going to visit London, because so many girls at my school love you and I miss seeing you in the new episodes of Heartbreak High (we only have repeats here)

We went to London at the end of '96 but I don't know when I'll be back there again. I love it over there. I just want to travel. I love London and it was just amazing.

What's the best trick you can do on your blades?

Not much anymore! Because I haven't been skating as much, I can't really do many tricks. The best trick I used to do is probably trying to get really big air on a ramp, I think the biggest I ever went was about seven-and-a-half feet.

If you ever changed your name, what would you change it to? I don't know ... I've never thought about changing my name, I'm pretty happy with it. Even when I was little, I was cool with it.

If you could join any famous band, which one would you join?

probably some sort of funk band or live hip-hop band, if there are any of those out there. Any band that's just got really awesome music, it doesn't really matter whether they're know or not.

What is your favourite day of the year?

It would be Christmas, because I like the feeling around everywhere. I mean, everyone is happy, everyone's cool and you get to see all your family and all your friends and stuff. That or my birthday, because everyone's really nice to me!

Off the set, are you as outgoing and hyperactive as you are on Heartbreak High?

Not really, I'm probably a lot more subdued. I'm kind of extreme - if I'm down, I'm really down, if I'm excited, I'm stupidly out of control. It depends on whatever mood I'm in.

If you discovered an unknown country, what would you name it and who would you want to live there?

I guess I'd be living there - me and Lara, and my friends and family. Or I could make it a holiday thing and have all my family there and my mates. I'd keep off anybody who hasn't got good intentions - you know, there are people that have a good heart and they're not going to do bad things - anybody like that I'd keep, but anybody who's full of shit, I'd keep off.